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Photonic Research

Silicon Colloids

We have synthesized silicon colloids by CVD with diameters from 0.5 µm to 5 µm. They show a high potential as optical microcavities

Silica Colloids

Silica colloidal particles were synthesized following the Stöber-Fink-Bohn method. These spherical colloids have been used to fabricate Photonic Crystals

Colloidal Crystals
We study the ordering process in colloidal crystals. Several kinds of arrangements were observed, all of which are compatible only with the fcc structure.
Colloidal Thin Films

We have developed thin films colloidal crystals. When the film dimension is larger that particle size, colloids pack in FCC and HCP structures.

Colloidal Crystal Wires

We investigate the arrangement of colloids inside a cylindrical template with dimensions comparable to that of the spheres.

Photonic Crystals
Our group has fabricated several inverse opals photonic crystals based on several compounds as Ge, Si,polymer, CdS, Titania, Rare earth oxide, etc.
Planar Defects in Photonic Crystals
We have developed dielectric planar (2D) defects within 3D photonic colloidal crystals. Optical characterization results of these new structures indicate that the trapped layer behaves as a Photonic Crystal planar defect.
Non Close Paked Colloidal Crystals

We have developed a method to fabricate non close packed opals (NCO’s). These structures constitute a topology where silica spheres are connected each other by narrow tubular necks.

Diamond Lattice in Colloidal Crystals

We have developed a colloidal crystal with diamond structure by nanorobotic manipulation of silica particles.

Photonic Sponge
We have developed colloidal crystals with an Apollony packing that behave as a photonic sponge. These systems scatter light in a very broad region in the UV and Visible regions of the EM spectrum.

Solar Cells
We have developed a new solar cell architecture, based on the Apollony Photonic Sponge concept. It is formed from a quasi-fractal distribution of interconnected spherical cavities in the active medium


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