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Nanophotonics Group

Nano-photonics or Nano-optics is the research domain devoted to the study of electromagnetic field propagation, confinement and interaction with matter at a sub-wavelength scale. Recent advances in fabrication and characterization techniques permit nowadays the study of optical phenomena at the nanoescale.

A related emerging field is Plasmonics, which is the study of optical phenomena related to the electromagnetic response of metals. The interface between a metal and a dielectric presents surface plasmons (surface electron density oscillations) which originate electromagnetic fields confined near the metal-dielectric interface. By structuring the metal, it is possible to control the propagation and localization of surface plasmons. The interest of Plasmonics ranges from fundamental nanoscience to nanotechnology applications, such as surface plasmon optics (optics in 2 dimensions), miniaturization of optical devices, and enhanced spectroscopy.


Research activities

Our group performs theoretical research in several topics of Nano-photonics and Plasmonics. We also collaborate with some of the main experimental groups in these research areas. Among the current research activities of our group are:

  • New systems showing extraordinary optical transmission through sub-wavelength apertures.
  • Surface plasmon optics (scattering of surface plasmon polaritons, channel and wedge plasmons).
  • Field enhancement and non-linear optical effects in nanostructured metals.
  • Spoof surface plasmons.
  • Metallic metamaterials.
  • Optimization of optical devices based on surface plasmons.
  • Transferability of plasmonic phenomena to matters waves.
  • Extension or transfer of plasmonic concepts to sound waves.


grupo_newGroup members


  • Prof. Francisco J. García Vidal
  • Dr. Juan Antonio Porto
  • Dr. Esteban Moreno
  • Dr. Maxim Nesterov
  • Antonio Fernández Domínguez
  • Johan Christensen
  • Diego Martín Cano
  • Ricardo Quesada
  • Paloma Arroyo Huidobro


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