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Nano Photonics - Plasmon nano-optics

The intrinsic intensity and confinement of plasmon fields at the surface of noble metal nanostructures offer a great potential for the manipulation of light at the sub-wavelength scale. Through spatial and spectral engineering of plasmon properties, we aim at extending down to the nanometer scale key concepts and functionalities required for the elaboration of future nano-optical devices. Our research relies on a permanent interaction between modelling, nanofabrication and optical characterization. Activities include light control at the nanoscale, elaboration of 2-D plasmon-based optical elements, micro and nano-optical manipulation with plasmon fields as well as the study of heat generation at the nanoscale for biomedical applications.

Enhanced light-matter interaction at the nanoscale
Micro- and nano-optical manipulation with plasmon fields
Plasmon-based 2D miniaturized optical elements

Available Resources:
  • Fs-Ti:Saph Lasers, OPO
  • Inverted Confocal microscopes
  • Leakage/Scattering microscope
  • Optical trapping set-up
  • Scanning near field optical microscope

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