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Nano Photonics - Molecular nanophotonics

Our central goal is to control light interaction at the nanometer scale. To this end we use individual molecules and quantum dots as nano-sources/detectors. These single quantum systems are ideal local field probes of the local mode density in photonic nanostructures, showing specific lifetime, spectrum, polarisation and even direction of photon emission. To generate strong nanoscale optical fields we fabricate optical nano-antennas, tuned in resonance with the photon emitters. Research topics: Emission control, nano-focusing and nanoscale imaging by nano-antenna probes, scanned in controlled proximity to single photon emitters. Coherent control of molecular dynamics and nanoscale antenna fields by phase controlled excitation with few-fs broad band pulses.

Single molecule ultrafast photonics
Probing light propagation at nanostructures
Field enhancement and mode density in nanostructures
Single molecular photonic wires

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