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SYLVAIN GIGAN 'Can One See Through Opaque Material?'

20100531-Sylvian-Gigan_157pxSYLVAIN GIGAN
Laboratoire d'Optique, Paris, FRANCE
ESPCI, Cergy-Pontoise Cedex, FRANCE
Seminar, May 31, 2010, 12:00. Seminar Room

When light propagates in a disordered material, information is seemingly lost. This is why we can't see through most biological samples. Nonetheless, propagation of waves in complex media give rise to a lot of interesting physics, ranging from photonic crystals to Anderson localization, from strong coupling to quantum correlations.

Recently, a method has been proposed by A. Mosk and coworkers to focus light through a multiple scattering material, using a spatial light modulator as a tool to shape the incoming beam to obtain a maximal interference on a speckle spot of the output speckle pattern. The result is a diffraction limited spot which can be several hundred time brighter than the rest of the speckle.

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