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A selection of links that are all related to the Nanolight Project.

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1   Link   Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
2   Link   Fotónica21
Fotónica21, the Spanish Photonics Technology Platform, local mirror of the Photonics21 European Platform, aims at efficiently coordinating industrial innovation in photonics and its applications
3   Link   Programa Imagenio 2010
4   Link   Networks of Excellence, +Photonics4life
As a Network of Excellence PHOTONICS4LIFE gathers the human resources, the infrastructure, the capabilities, the expertise and knowledge of 13 top-research partners standing on the forefront in the field of Biophotonics research. All of these partners are from EC member states (10 different countries). PHOTONICS4LIFE shows the proper mass to span across the value chain from photonic components to applications and from fundamental to applied research, while progressing on a single but broad theme: "Biophotonics".

PHOTONICS4LIFE targets to bridge the gap between different disciplines ranging from physics and chemistry via engineering to biology and medicine. Furthermore, the consortium wants to link the expertise of research institutes with SMEs and large companies in order to foster Biophotonics research and strengthen Europe&squo;s economic competitiveness on the global Biophotonics market. Consequently, the network does not only focus on individual technological developments but also puts emphasis on the needs of the physician and patient.
5   Link   Nanophotonics Europe Association
The Nanophotonics Europe Association was established in October 2009, to promote nanophotonics research and development in Europe and to forge partnerships between academia and industry.
6   Link   Photonics21
Photonics21, the European Technology Platform, proposes a coordinated action plan at the European level to explore the future applications of light and to reap the expected benefits in terms of creating both jobs and wealth.
7   Link   Luis Liz-Marzan group
8   Link   CIC NanoGune
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