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Reviewing Optical Manipulation with Plasmons


Recent advances in surface plasmon-based optical manipulations are the subject of a review in the Journal of Optics A, coauthored by Maurizio Righini and Prof. Romain Quidant.

Polymer micro-spheres
approach a pattern of gold
pads illuminated by a red
laser and get trapped.
Optical manipulation based on surface plasmons is a novel and promising application of plasmonics, which opens new opportunities for the elaboration of future integrated opto-fluidic devices. This field of research is explored in “Light-induced manipulation with surface plasmons,” a review by M. Righini (PhD at ICFO), C. Girard (Professor at CEMES, France) and R. Quidant (Group Leader at ICFO and ICREA researcher).

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ICFO research on cover of Laser&Photonics Reviews


The potential of Surface Plasmons to manipulate with light small objects down to the nanometer scale is the subject of a review article co-authored by ICFO group leader Romain Quidant.

Cover of LPR
The use of Surface Plasmons (SP) in optical manipulation has a great potential for developing new integrated optical devices, according to a review co-authored by ICFO group leader Romain Quidant, that makes the cover of Laser&Photonics Reviews (LPR).

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ICFO in Nature Photonics


Nano-antennas can direct the visible light sent out by a single molecule, ICFO reseachers report in a paper in Nature Photonics.

ICFO research, on the
cover of Nature Photonics
Nanometer size antennas can be used to direct the visibile light of a single molecule, like conventional antennas send and receive electromagnetic waves. This finding is the topic of the paper “Optical antennas direct single molecule emission”, published in Nature Photonics advanced online edition by ICFO researchers Tim Taminiau, Fernando D. Stefani and Niek van Hulst, in collaboration with Frans B. Segerink, of the University of Twente (the Netherlands).

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ICFO research on cover of Journal of Microscopy


An experiment on single molecule fluorescence near photonic nanostructures is the front page picture of the Journal of Microscopy.

microscopy_157_03_10_2008The February 2008 issue of J.Microscopy is a thematical issue fully dedicated to near-field optics and related techniques. The research of Gabriel Sanchez-Mosteiro (Niek van Hulst’s group) in collaboration with Gerard Colas-de-Francs and Alain Dereux (University of Bourgogne) appears on the cover. Many single fluorescent molecules can be seen spread around optical corrals acting as microcavities. The corrals are composed of 100 nm gold pads, 18 in a 3 micrometer circle, and show up by luminescence of the gold. Gabriel has analyzed the radiative lifetime of the molecules as a function of position and orientation relative to the cavities. Inside the cavities both inhibition and enhancement of radiative decay occurs.

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NanoLight kick-off meeting


The new Consolider program, Light control on the nanoscale, has started with a coordination meeting of all participant group leaders at ICFO.

NanoLight_04122007_01_webICFO has been the venue for the kick-off meeting of the program (Light control on the nanoscale), one of 29 large scale national projects funded in 2007 by the program Consolider-Ingenio 2010, put forward by the Ministry for Education and Science (MICINN). All group leaders participating in NanoLight gathered at ICFO to start their common scientific activities and to present their specific role in the joint project.


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