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Tunable quantum dot arrays formed from self-assembled metal-organic networks
F. Klappenberger, D. Kühne, W. Krenner, I. Silanes, A. Arnau, F. J. García de Abajo, S. Klyatskaya, M. Ruben, and J. V. Barth
Physical Review Letters , 106, 026802 (2011)

A holey-structured metamaterial for acoustic deep-subwavelength imaging",
J. Zhu, J. Christensen, J. Jung, L. Martín-Moreno, X. Yin, L. Fok, X. Zhang, and F.J. García-Vidal
Nature , 7, 52 (2011)

All silicon waveguide spherical microcavity coupler device
Xifre-Perez, E, Domenech, JD, Fenollosa, R, Munoz, P, Capmany, J, Meseguer, F
Optics express, 19, 3185-3192 (2011)

Aluminum for Nonlinear Plasmonics: Resonance-Driven Polarized Luminescence of Al, Ag, and Au Nanoantennas
Marta Castro-Lopez, Daan Brinks, Riccardo Sapienza and Niek F. van Hulst
NanoLetters, 11, 4674–4678 (2011)

Angle-Suppressed Scattering and Optical Forces on Submicrometer Dielectric Particles
M. Nieto-Vesperinas, R. Gomez-Medina y J.J. Saenz
Journal of the Optical Society of America , 28, 54-60 (2011)

Angle-Supressed Scattering and Optical Forces on Submicrometer Dielectric Particles
M. Nieto-Vesperinas, R. Gómez-Medina and J.J. Sáenz
Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 28, 54 (2011)

Anomalous band formation in arrays of Terahertz nanoresonators
Y.M. Bahk, H.R. Park, K.J. Ahn, H.S. Kim, Y.H. Ahn, D.-S. Kim, J. Bravo-Abad, L. Martín-Moreno, and F.J. García-Vidal
Phys. Rev. Lett, 106, 013902 (2011)

Antenas ópticas para emisores cuánticos
Alberto G. Curto, Marta Castro-Lopez, Niek F. van Hulst
Óptica Pura y Aplicada, 44, 325-331 (2011)

Antennas for Light
Lukas Novotny and Niek F. van Hulst
Nature Photonics. , 5, 83-90 (2011)

Background-Free Detection of Single 5 nm Nanoparticles through Interferometric Cross-Polarization Microscopy
Xin Hong, Erik M. P. H. van Dijk, Simon R. Hall, Jorg B. Gotte, Niek. F. van Hulst, Henkjan Gersen
NanoLetters, 11, 541-547 (2011)

Beating Spatio-Temporal Coupling: Implications for Pulse Shaping and Coherent Control Experiments. Optics Express
Daan Brinks, Richard Hildner, Fernando D. Stefani and Niek F. van Hulst
Optics Express, 19, 26486 (2011)

Bulk and surface electromagnetic response of metallic metamaterials to convection electrons
J.K. So, K.H. Jang, G.S. Park, and F.J. García-Vidal
Appl. Phys. Lett, 99, 071106 (2011)

Coherent Control of Single Molecules at Room Temperature
Daan Brinks, Richard Hildner, Fernando D. Stefani and Niek F. van Hulst
Faraday Discussions, 153, 51–60 (2011)

Comparative study of surface plasmon scattering by shallow ridges and grooves
Brucoli and L. Martin-Moreno
Phys. Rev. B , 83, 045422 (2011)

Contrast inversion in electrostatic force microscopy imaging of trapped charges: tip-sample distance and dielectric constant dependence
Riedel, A. Alegría, R. Arinero, J. Colmenero and J.J. Sáenz
Nanotechnology, 22, 345702 (2011)

Controlling Terahertz Radiation with Nanoscale Metal Barriers Embedded in Nano Slot Antennas
H.R. Park, Y.M. Bahk, K.J. Ahn, Q.H. Park, D.S. Kim, L. Martín-Moreno, F.J. García-Vidal, and J. Bravo-Abad
ACS Nano , 5, 8340 (2011)

D. Martín-Cano, A. González-Tudela, L. Martín-Moreno, F.J. García-Vidal, C.Tejedor, and E. Moreno
Dissipation-driven generation of two-qubit entanglement mediated by plasmonic waveguides
Phys. Rev. B , 84, 235306 (2011)

Detección Ultrasensible
Jordi Martorell
Investigación y Ciencia, , 18-19 (2011)

Dipolar resonances of dielectric nanoparticles: Strong magnetic response of Silicon nanoparticles in the infrared
A García-Etxarri, R Gómez-Medina, LS Froufe-Pérez, C López, L Chantada, F Scheffold, J Aizpurua, M Nieto-Vesperinas and J J Sáenz
Opt. Express, 19, 4815-4826 (2011)

Direct determination of diffusion properties of random media from speckle contrast
Nathan Curry, Pierre Bondareff, Mathieu Leclercq, Niek F. van Hulst, Riccardo Sapienza, Sylvain Gigan, Samuel Gresillon
Optics Letters, 36, 3332-3334 (2011)

Dyakonov surface wave resonant transmission
O. Takayama, A. Yu Nikitin, L. Martin-Moreno, L. Torner and D. Artigas
Opt. Express , 19, 6339-6347 (2011)

Edge and waveguide terahertz surface plasmon modes in graphene microribbons
A.Y. Nikitin, F. Guinea, F.J. García-Vidal, and L. Martín-Moreno
Phys. Rev. B (Rapid Comm) , 84, 161407(R) (2011)

Effect of defect depth on surface plasmon scattering by subwavelength surface defects
G. Brucoli and L. Martin-Moreno
Phys. Rev. B , 83, 075433 (2011)

Electric and magnetic dipolar response of Germanium spheres: Interference effects, scattering anisotropy and optical forces
R. Gomez-Medina , B. Garcia-Camara , I. Suarez-Lacalle , F. Gonzalez , F. Moreno , M. Nieto-Vesperinas and J. J. Saenz
Journal of Nanophotonics , 5, 053512 (2011)

Electronic Coherences and Vibrational Wave Packets in Single Molecules Studied with Femtosecond Phase-Controlled Spectroscopy
Richard Hildner, Daan Brinks, Fernando D. Stefani, Niek F. van Hulst
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys, 13, 1888–1894 (2011)

Emergence of Anderson localization in plasmonic waveguides
F. Ruting, P. A. Huidobro, and F. J. García
Opt. Lett. , 36, 4341 (2011)

Enhanced nonlinear response from metal surfaces
J. Renger, R. Quidant, L. Novotny
Opt. Express , 19, 1777-1785 (2011)

Enhanced transmission through subwavelength apertures by excitation of particle localized plasmons and nanojets
F. J. Valdivia-Valero and M. Nieto-Vesperinas
Optics Express, 19, 11545-1155 (2011)

Entanglement of two Qubits mediated by one-dimensional plasmonic waveguides
González-Tudela, D. Martín-Cano, E. Moreno, L. Martín-Moreno, C. Tejedor, and F.J. García-Vidal
Phys. Rev. Lett, 106, 020501 (2011)

Experimental demonstration of dielectric-loaded plasmonic waveguide disk resonators at telecom wavelengths
S. Randhawa, A. V. Krasavin, T. Holmgaard, J. Renger, S. I. Bozhevolnyi, A. V. Zayats, R. Quidant
Appl. Phys. Lett, 98, 161102 (2011)

Extraordinary Optical Transmission Brightens Near-Field Fiber-Probe
Lars Neumann, Yuanjie Pang, Amel Houyou, Mathieu Juan, Reuven Gordon, Niek F. van Hulst
NanoLetters, 11, 355-360 (2011)

Fabrication and characterization of colloidal crystal thin films
Rodriguez, I, Ramiro-Manzano, F, Meseguer, F, Bonet, E
European Jorunal of Physics, 32, 505-515 (2011)

Femtosecond Coherence and Quantum Control of Single Molecules at Room Temperature
Richard Hildner, Daan Brinks, Niek F. van Hulst
Nature Physics, 7, 172-177 (2011)

Fields radiated by a nanoemitter in a graphene sheet
A.Y. Nikitin, F. Guinea, F.J. García-Vidal, and L. Martín-Moreno
Phys. Rev. B , 84, 195446 (2011)

Finite photonic crystal waveguide with an embedded cavity: optical conductance "dips" and vortices
S. Albaladejo, M. Lester and J.J. Sáenz
Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics, 28, 756-759 (2011)

Focus issue introduction: nanoplasmonics and metamaterials
R. Quidant, V. P. Drachev
Opt. Mater. Express , 1, 1139-1140 (2011)

Fractal plasmonics: subdiffraction focusing and broadband spectral response by a Sierpinski nanocarpet
Volpe, G. Volpe, R. Quidant
Opt. Express , 19, 3612-3618 (2011)

Gap and Mie plasmons in individual silver nanospheres near a silver surface
N. Yamamoto, S. Ohtani, and F. J. García de Abajo
Nano Letters, 11, 91-95 (2011)

Graphene plasmonics: A platform for strong light-matter interactions
F. H. L. Koppens, D. E. Chang, and F. J. García de Abajo
Nano Letters, 11, 3370-3377 (2011)

High sound screening in low impedance slit arrays
Estrada, H, Bravo, JM, Meseguer, F
New journal of Physics, 13, 043009 (2011)

Intrinsic losses in self-assembled hybrid metallodielectric systems
JF Galisteo-López, M López-García, C López, A García-Martín
Appl. Phys. Lett, 99, 083302 (2011)

Large optical-frequency shift of molecular radiation via coherent coupling to an off-resonance plasmon
Roberto Macovez, Marina Mariano, Sergio Di Finizio, Gregory Kozyreff, and Jordi Martorell
Phys. Rev. Lett, 107, 073902 (2011)

Lifshitz transition across the Ag/Cu(111) superlattice band gap tuned by interface doping
Z. M. Abd El-Fattah, M. Matena, M. Corso, F. J. García de Abajo, F. Schiller, and J. E. Ortega
Physical Review Letters , 107, 066803 (2011)

Light control of silver nanoparticle's diffusion
S. Albaladejo, M. Marqués and J.J. Sáenz
Optics Express, 19, 11471-1147 (2011)

Light emission from nanocrystalline Si inverse opals and controlled passivation by Atomic Layer Deposited Al2O3
F Gallego-Gómez, M Ibisate, D Golmayo, FJ Palomares, M Herrera, J Hernández, SI Molina, Á. Blanco, and C López
Adv. Mater, 23, 5219-5223 (2011)

Long-tail statistics of the Purcell factor in disordered media driven by near-field interactions
R. Sapienza, P. Bondareff, R. Pierrat, B. Habert, R. Carminati and N. F. van Hulst
Phys.Rev.Lett. , 106, 163902 (2011)

Low order modes in microcavities based on silicon colloids
Xifre-Perez, E, Fenollosa, R, Meseguer, F
Optics express, 19, 3455-3463 (2011)

Magneto-Photonic Response of Three-Dimensional Opals
JM Caicedo, O Pascu, M López-García, V Canalejas, A Blanco, C Lopez, J Fontcuberta, A Roig, G Herranz
ACS Nano, 5, 2957-2963 (2011)

Mechanisms for extraordinary optical transmission through bull's eye structures
S. Carretero-Palacios, O. Mahboub, F.J. García-Vidal, L. Martín-Moreno, S.G. Rodrigo, C. Genet, and T. W. Ebbesen
Opt. Express , 19, 10429 (2011)

Metallic slit arrays filled with third-order nonlinear media: Optical Kerr effect and third-harmonic generation
S.G. Rodrigo, S. Carretero-Palacios, F.J. García-Vidal, and L. Martín-Moreno
Phys. Rev. B , 83, 235425 (2011)

Microphotonic parabolic light directors fabricated by two-photon lithography
J. H. Atwater, P. Spinelly, E. Kosten, J. Parsons, C. Van Lare, J. Van de Groep, F. J. García de Abajo, A. Polman, and H. A. Atwater
, 99, 151113 (2011)

Moulding the flow of surface plasmons using conformal and quasiconformal mappings
P.A. Huidobro, M.L. Nesterov, L. Martín-Moreno, and F.J. García-Vidal
New Journal of Physics , 13, 033011 (2011)

Nanostructuring of Azomolecules in Silica Artificial Opals for Enhanced Photoalignment
F Gallego Gómez, D Golmayo, A Blanco, C López
Adv. Funct. Mater, 21, 4109-4119 (2011)

Near-field spatial correlations from partially coherent homogeneous planar sources: effects on surface wave excitation
J.M. Auñón y M. Nieto-Vesperinas
Optics Letters , 36, 3410-3412 (2011)

Nonconservative electric and magnetic optical forces on submicron dielectric particles
R. Gomez-Medina, M. Nieto-Vesperinas y J.J. Saenz
Physical Review A , 83, 33825-1-7 (2011)

Nonlinear optics in spheres: from second harmonic scattering to quasi-phase matched generation in the whispering gallery modes
Kozyreff, Jorge Luis Domínguez-Juárez, and Jordi Martorell
Laser Photonics Rev, 5, 737–749 (2011)

Nonlinear plasmonics at planar metal surfaces
Stefano Palomba, Hayk Harutyunyan, Jan Renger, Romain Quidant, Niek F. van Hulst & Lukas Novotny
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A, 369, 3497-3509 (2011)

Numerical study of the lateral resolution in electrostatic force microscopy for dielectric samples
Riedel, A, Alegría, G.A. Schwartz, J. Colmenero and J.J. Sáenz
Nanotechnology, 22, 285705 (2011)

Oblique launching of optical surface waves by a subwavelength slit
A.Yu. Nikitin, F.J. García-Vidal, and L. Martín-Moreno
Phys. Rev. B , 83, 155448 (2011)

Observation of speckle pattern formation in transparent nonlinear random media
Francisco J. Rodriguez, Can Yao, Jorge L. Domínguez-Juárez, Jorge Bravo-Abad, and Jordi Martorell
Optics Letters , 36, 1347-1349 (2011)

On the use of electrostatic force microscopy as a quantitative subsurface characterization technique: A numerical study
Riedel, A. Alegría, G.A. Schwartz, R. Arinero, J. Colmenero and J.J. Sáenz
Applied Physics Letters, 99, 023101 (2011)

On-a-chip surface plasmon tweezers
H. M. K. Wong, M. Righini, J. C. Gates, P. G. R. Smith, V. Pruneri, R. Quidant
Appl. Phys. Lett. , 99, 061107 (2011)

Optical amplification enhancement in photonic crystals
R Sapienza, M Leonetti, L S Froufe-Pérez, J F Galisteo-López, C Conti, and C López
Phys. Rev. A , 83, 023801 (2011)

Optical anisotropy of synthetic opals”, Photonics and Nanostructures
A Reza, I Simkiene, R Vaisnoras, C López, D Golmayo, J Babonas
Fundamentals and Applications, 9, 82-90 (2011)

Optical Forces: Laser Tractor Beams
J.J. Sáenz
Nature Photonics, 5, 514-515 (2011)

Optical Nanorod Antennas Modeled as Cavities for Dipolar Emitters: Evolution of Sub- and Super-Radiant Modes
Tim H. Taminiau, Fernando D. Stefani and Niek F. van Hulst
NanoLetters, 11, 1020-1024 (2011)

Optically levitating dielectrics in the quantum regime: Theory and protocols
O. Romero-Isart, A. C. Pflanzer, M. L. Juan, R. Quidant, N. Kiesel, M. Aspelmeyer, J. I. Cirac
Phys. Rev. A , 83, 013803 (2011)

Optically-programmable nonlinear photonic component for dielectric-loaded plasmonic circuitry
A.V. Krasavin, S. Randhawa, J. S. Bouillard, J. Renger, R. Quidant, A. V. Zayats
Opt. Express , 19, 25222-2522 (2011)

Photonic crystals with controlled disorder
PD Garcia, R Sapienza, C Toninelli, C Lopez and DS Wiersma
Phys. Rev. A , 84, 023813 (2011)

Plasmon nano-optical tweezers
M. L. Juan, M. Righini, R. Quidant
Nature Photononics, 5, 349–356 (2011)

Plasmon-assisted optofluidics
J. S. Donner, G. Baffou, D. McCloskey, R. Quidant
ACSnano , 5, 5457-5462 (2011)

Plasmonic nanoparticle chain in a light field: a resonant optical sail
S. Albaladejo, J.J. Sáenz and M. Marqués
Nanoletters, 11, 4597–4600 (2011)

Porous Silicon Microcavities Based Photonic Barcodes
Ramiro-Manzano, F, Fenollosa, R, Xifre-Perez, E, Garin, M, Meseguer, F
Advanced materials, 23, 0935-9648 (2011)

Probing light diffusion in thin systems
M Leonetti, C López
Opt. Lett, 36, 2824–2826 (2011)

Quantum plexcitonics: Strongly interacting plasmons and excitons
Manjavacas, F. J. García de Abajo, and P. Nordlander
Nano Letters, 11, 2318-2323 (2011)

Reduced radiation losses in electron beam excited propagating plasmons
L. Wang, W. Cai, Y. Xiang, X. Zhang, J. Xu, and F. J. García de Abajo
Optics Express, 19, 18713 (2011)

Role of surface plasmon polaritons in the optical response of a hole pair
F. de León-Perez, F.J. García-Vidal, and L. Martín-Moreno
Phys. Rev. B , 84, 125414 (2011)

Scattering Forces in the focal volume of high numerical aperture microscope objetives
I.Iglesias and J.J. Sáenz
Optics Communications , 284, 2430-2436 (2011)

Self-assembled photonic structures
JF Galisteo-López, M Ibisate, R. Sapienza, L Froufe, Á. Blanco, C López
Adv. Mater. (revisión invitada), , (2011)

Self-assembled photonic structures
JF Galisteo-López, M Ibisate, R Sapienza, L Froufe, Á Blanco, C López
Adv. Mater. invited review, 23, 30-69 (2011)

Semi-transparent metal electrode of Cu–Ni as a replacement of an ITO in organic photovoltaic cells
D.S. Ghosh, R.Betancur, T.L.Chen, V.Pruneri, and Jordi Martorell
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells , 95, 1228-1231 (2011)

Silicon colloids: A new enabling nanomaterial
Meseguer, F, Fenollosa, R, Rodriguez, I, Xifre-Perez, E, Ramiro-Manzano, F, Garin, M, Tymczenko, M
Journal of applied physics, 109, 102424 (2011)

Single-photon generation by electron beams
X. M. Bendaña, A. Polman, and F. J. García de Abajo
Nano Letters, 11, 5099-5103 (2011)

Sound transmission through perforated plates with subwavelength hole arrays: A rigid-solid model
H. Estrada, P. Candelas, A. Uris, F. Belmar, F. Meseguer, and F. J. García de Abajo
Wave Motion , 48, 235-242 (2011)

Sound transmission through plates perforated with two periodic subwavelength hole arrays
Estrada, H, Gomez-Lozano, V, Uris, A, Candelas, P, Belmar, F, Meseguer, F
Journal of Physics, 23, 135401 (2011)

Spatial nonlocality in the optical response of metal nanoparticles
David and F. J. García de Abajo
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 115, 19470-1947 (2011)

Spatially resolved measurements of plasmonic eigenstates in complex-shaped, asymmetric nanoparticles: gold nanostars
S. Mazzucco, O. Stéphan, C. Colliex, I. Pastoriza-Santos, L. M. Liz-Marzán, F. J. García de Abajo, and M. Kociak
European Physical Journal: Applied Physics , 54, 33512 (2011)

Sputtered NiO as anode interfacial layer in polymer P3HT/PCBM bulk hetero-junction solar cells
Rafael Betancur, Marc Maymó, Xavier Elias, Luat T. Vuong, and Jordi Martorell
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells , 95, 735–739 (2011)

Stimulated light emission and inelastic scattering by a classical linear system of rotating particles
A.Asenjo-Garcia, A. Manjavacas, and F. J. García de Abajo
Physical Review Letters, 106, 213601 (2011)

Strong magnetic response of submicron Silicon particles in the infrared
A.Garcia-Etxarri , R.Gomez-Medina, L. S. Froufe-Perez, C. Lopez, L. Chantada, F. Scheffold, J. Aizpurua, M. Nieto-Vesperinas and J. J. Saenz
Optics Express , 19, 4815-4826 (2011)

Symmetry breaking and gap opening in two-dimensional hexagonal lattices
Malterre, B. Kierren, Y. Fagot-Revurat, C. Didiot, F. J. García de Abajo, F. Schiller, J. Cordón, and J. E. Ortega
New Journal of Physics, 13, 013026 (2011)

The phase locking transition in random lasers
M Leonetti, C Conti, C López
Nature Photonics, 5, 615-617 (2011)

Transmisstion of localized surface plasmons in sets of metallic nanocylinders in front of subwavelength slits
F.J. Valdivia-Valero and M. Nieto-Vesperinas
Journal of Nanophotonics , 5, 053520 (2011)

Tunable magneto-photonic response of Nickel Nanostructures
JF Torrado, JB González-Díaz, G Armelles, A García-Martín, A Altube, M López-García, JF Galisteo-López, A Blanco, and C López
Appl. Phys. Lett, 99, 193109 (2011)

Ultrathin conformal coating for complex magneto-photonic structures
Pascu, JM Caicedo, M López-García, V Canalejas, A Blanco, C López, J Arbiol, J Fontcuberta, A Roig and G Herranz
Nanoscale, 3, 4811-4816 (2011)

Water-Dependent Photonic Bandgap in Silica Artificial Opals
F Gallego-Gómez, Á. Blanco, V Canalejas-Tejero and C Lopez
Small 7 , 13, 18-38-1845 (2011)

Waveguided spoof surface plasmons with deep-subwavelength lateral confinement
D. Martín-Cano, O. Quevedo-Teruel, E. Moreno, L. Martín-Moreno, and F. J. García-Vidal
Opt. Lett. , 36, 4635 (2011)

Whispering Gallery Microresonators for Second Harmonic Light Generation from a low number of Small Molecules
Jorge Luis Domínguez-Juárez, G. Kozyreff, and and Jordi Martorell
Nature Communications , 2, 254 (2011)

Whispering gallery mode propagation in photonic crystals in front of subwavelength slit arrays. Interplay with extraordinary transmission
F.J. Valdivia-Valero y M. Nieto-Vesperinas
, 284, 1726-1733 (2011)

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