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NANOLIGHT.ES – LIGHT CONTROL ON THE NANOSCALE is a research project in the CONSOLIDER-INGENIO 2010 Program of the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. This is a blue-sky project aimed to develop nanoscale light technology for applications in sensing, nanoimaging optical circuitry and data storage, the key components of future information technology, and to consolidate a Spanish consortium acting as an international reference in this field.


Professor Niek van Hulst from the ICFO coordinates the consortium  which joins the efforts of:

- Three nanophotonics groups at ICFO- Institut de Ciències Fotòniques

  • Dr. Niek van Hulst
  • Dr. Jordi Martorell
  • Dr. Romain Quidant

- two teams from the Instituto de Ciencias de Materiales de Madrid (CSIC-ICMM)

  • Dr. Ceferino López Fernández
  • Dr. Manuel Nieto Vesperinas

- a team from the Universidad de Zaragoza

  • Dr. Luis Martin Moreno

- a team from the Instituto de Óptica (CSIC-IO)

  • Dr. Francisco Javier García de Abajo

- a team from the Centro Tecnológico de Ondas, Universitat Politecnica Valencia, Unidad asociada CISC-UPV

  • Dr. Francisco Meseguer Rico

- and two teams from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

  • Dr. Francisco García Vidal
  • Dr. Juan José Sáenz Gutiérrez



NanoLight  Research Topics
1.    Surface plasmon-polariton optics
2.    Extra-ordinary optical transmission
3.    Single particle plasmons & Nano-antennas
4.    Nanostructured Metamaterials
5.    Spatio-temporal control
6.    Nanostructured light sources
7.    Molecular photonic wires
8.    Random media for light localization
9.    Plasmonic/photonic forces

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